Tradeshow booth creation isn't just about design. In the case of Play Incorporated it involved hands-on fabrication and cramming a huge number of people and demo areas (oh, and a live TV show) into a very tight footprint.

I made a 1":1' scale model of each booth (every trade show was different) and did a "walkthrough" with a lipstick camera to work out sightline and signage issues.

When we were sculpting the giant replica of the Trinity video box face, we used our bare hands to shape the urethane blocks-- it was so soft the seams in our gloves were gouging the surface. The finished wall was sixteen feet high on a two foot base, internally lit, and housed two 42" monitors.

I also designed custom desks that enabled the demo person to interact closely with customers while demonstrating the product. I made a complete mockup out of foam core to make sure everything worked before a single sheet of wood was cut.



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