From prop creation to art direction to shameless self-promotion, there's a grab bag o' stuff that didn't fit into any particular category.

Here's a larger version of the Mother of All Globes, an installation I did with my friend Judi Decker.

The "wood" image was a study for a series of organic interfaces for a software program.

By the way, R2-D2 and the Lost In Space Robot now live in my house, where they resided before I loaned them to Play, Inc., where I worked before starting American Warp Drive. I forget how odd it is to have stuff like this hanging around the living room until my daughter's friends come over for the first time ("Ummm, Mr. Warp, what is a robot doing next to the sofa?") Made 'em both for my own amusement out of foam core and styrofoam.




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