The other version of this site is very graphic intensive; this one is small, short and sweet. I won't punish you for not having a fast internet connection by bogging you down with huge pictures that take forever to download.

Having said that-- I encourage you, next time you're at work or at a friend's who has a high speed connection-- to investigate the other version of this site. This one's a little appetizer, and I'd like you to enjoy the whole enchilada.

Long story short: American Warp Drive is me. Eric Warp. My 22-year career has encompassed television, print, video, product packaging, exhibit design, copywriting and many other areas. I'm based in Sacramento, California.

Thanks for visiting my site. Feel free to contact me at Thanks to spammers, this is no longer a direct link; you'll have to type in as a substitute for Sorry for the inconvenience. Someday we'll have world peace... and freedom from spam........




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