When I began my career as a television Design Director, we didn't have computers. That's me, by the way, under the yellow cloth attempting to make a spinning globe for a news open using a hula hoop and a styrofoam ball (hey, it worked!)

Since then I've been Design Director for KUSA, Colorado's top-rated station, and KOVR in Sacramento, California's capital. I was responsible for the station's on-air look, logo, news package graphics, promotion graphics, sales material, set design and construction, creation of "virtual" (green-screen) sets and spot production.

After I left commercial television I did a number of projects that have aired on PBS, the Discovery Channel and have been nationally distributed, featuring Edward James Olmos, Alfonso Ribeiro, Spencer Christian and others.

The projects in both commercial TV and independent production have been incredibly varied and many have won regional Emmys and national awards from Promax, the Broadcast Designers Association, and other professional organizations.



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